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Integrated AP & AR built for modern Finance Teams using Xero

Process, approve and pay invoices without logging into Xero or your bank

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  • No credit cards
  • 5-minute setup

Trusted by forward-thinking businesses and accountants

Still manually paying your bills each month?

Nook users take 50% less time to complete their accounts payables

The past

Inefficient. Insecure. Manual. 👎

  • Invoice processing is slow and lacks line items
  • Manual payments rely on spreadsheets/CSVs
  • Approvals managed over e-mail
  • Using multiple banking and money-transfer apps
  • Can't delegate to your team or accountant
The future

Integrated. Secure. Automated. 👍

  • Rapidly capture any invoice with line items
  • Payments integrated with your bank and ledger
  • Auditable integrated approval workflows
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Easily delegate approvals and payments

Payments that reconcile automatically

2-way integration with your accounting software keeping you perfectly in sync

  • Fully reconciled without your accountant
  • Close your books faster every month
  • Minimise data entry and avoid mistakes

Bulk payments in multiple currencies

Use Open Banking and Nook Wallets to easily pay any supplier or contractor

  • Works with every bank account
  • Supports scheduled and bulk payments
  • Pay out in multiple currencies

Easily control spending with your team and accountant

Create approval workflows to keep your payments flowing

  • Add unlimited users for free
  • Delegate payments and approvals
  • Full audit history available
Nook Network

Protect against fraud and supercharge bookkeeping

Invite your suppliers to verify with Nook killing the PDF invoice

  • Never worry about missing another invoice or extracting data from a PDF
  • Eliminate fraud risk by paying only verified suppliers to verified accounts
  • Self-service KYC/KYB process to keep your suppliers happy

Capture every bill and invoice in any format

Use existing tools (like Dext) or let Nook handle everything

  • Process bills in any format, including embedded links (without PDFs!)
  • Accurate line item extraction with supplier matching and categorisation
  • Secure e-mail forwarder can be limited to verified suppliers

Integrates directly with the leading tools you already use

Seamless 2-way sync with your accounting app stack

Customers love using Nook

"Using Nook has dramatically reduced the time I spend paying our supplier bills. It used to be a painful part of the month, and now it's easy."
"Nook supports our clients to run their weekly and monthly payment runs. The result is my team are happier, and our clients are happier"

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Accounting software can't pay your bills.
Banks don't know which bills to pay.

Nook integrates both to give you payment perfection.